MySql change logging

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Is it possible for me to have the daily updation and insert queries
performed on the MySQL DB saved? This will help me track when a
particular record was modified in the DB.

Is there any other way to track as to when the changes were made to the
DB? I also want to add who made the changes but this will come at a
later stage once the user login is implemented. It will be great if I
can atleast store a log file or something daily.


Re: MySql change logging

My SQL wrote:
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Why not a a timetsamp column to every table? Everytime a record is
changed/updated the timestamp is modified to reflect the time of the change.

You can also add a column for the user, the value of this column has to
be updated by code or manually, it can not be done by the MySQL engine.


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Re: MySql change logging

I dont like a timestamp column because what if two people changed it?
One change timestamp will overwrite another..

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