mySQL C API and authentification error

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I am trying to get my C++ connecting and communicating with a mySQL
server on my developer PC. I did a next-next-finish installation of
mySQL and installed the developer libraries as well.

I started programming in MS VC++ and can communicate with my server.
However, every time I connect with a user that has no password (blank) I
am able to communicate with the server and query some test tables. As
soon as I set the password on the server and try to connect with the
username and password I get error an error:

1251: Client does not support authentification protocol requested by
server; consider upgrading MySQL client.

I don't understand why the program is giving this error as I checked and
double checked that I link to the libmysql.lib and the mysqlclient.lib
file in the lib directory in the server program directory.

Those files came with the installation and should be compatible to the
server version I think, or am I wrong?

The environment in which I am coding and compiling is MS Visual C++ 6.0
SP6 and the mySQL version is 4.1.11-nt.

Can some one help me to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: mySQL C API and authentification error

Jonathan wrote:
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Read this page:

Bill K.

Re: mySQL C API and authentification error

Bill Karwin wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Bill Thanks for your answer, but I have already been there. The problem
is that when I link the source/header files coming with my currently
installed version of mySQL I still get this error, while I think they
should be compatible.

Am I wrong here?


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