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I have a rather large database (about 102 megabytes when dumped to an
SQL file) and need advice on backup software for MySql databases. So
far I've only tried Navicat and it takes about 30 hours to restore the
entire database using its backup function, something I find
unacceptable. Are there other tools on the market that will let me
backup/restore my database but are significantly faster?

I am using a P4 3.2 ghz with 1024 megs of ram.


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I have been using this backup script
( ) for
years now and it works very success full. I am able to dump and compress
(.tar.gz) the same amount of data in about few minutes, the report is
received less than 5 minutes after the job has started.

Restoring is done with the command line tool as this saves a lot of
overhead. I also disable indexes while importing and use compressed
insert statements to speed everything up. Restoring takes a little
longer but certainly not 30 hours... last restore has been a while ago
but it certainly did not take more than one hour.


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MySQL provide the MySQL Administrator, one of its functions is backup
and restore. It even allows scheduled backups. Easy to setup in the GUI
and works very quickly - recommended.

Re: MySQL backup tools

Ian Pawson wrote:
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I like MySQL Administrator as well, I think it's a great app. However,
I haven't had great luck with restoring data using it. Most of the
time, I get a huge amount of failures.

Re: MySQL backup tools

We would recommend our GUI backup tool for MySql - MySQL Backup FTP (MySqlB
F) /.  

1. MySqlBF can work as a service.
2. Run backups on a flexible schedule.
3. Allow backup several databases from several websites.
4. Tool have a completely Free and powerful version.
5. MySqlBF allow to to save backups to the Network, on FTP and most popular
 cloud storage (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box).
6. Connect to remote servers throws TCP, SSH or phpMyAdmin(unique feature)
7. We offer a high quality support and detailed manuals.

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