mysql 5.0.22 install on Solaris 10 help

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I'm trying to do an install of mysql on a Sun Ultra 10 machine running
Solaris 10 (1/06) which is a completely clean, fresh install.
I can get the packaged (with Solaris 10) version of mysql (4.0.something)
running easily.
I do have version 5.0.15-standard installed and running on another machine.

It appears that between 5.0.15 and 5.0.22 someone has made a decision to
change the locations that  the files are sent to and nobody has updated
anything (that I can find) in the documentation.
If I'm not mistaken, 5.0.15 gets installed in /usr/local/mysql but 5.0.22
goes into /opt/mysql/mysql

I am installing the package from the Solaris binary .pkg format which is
what I prefer - I'm not into compiling programs from source. This is also a
test platform that has a clean disk so that I can test this before I try and
touch anything else.

Any ideas?


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