Multiple MySql Servers

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Trying to install MySql 4.1 to our Linux server that already has
version 4 installed.  I created a my.cnf file and set the following

datadir         = /usr/local/mysql-4.1/data/
port            = 3304
socket          = /var/run/mysql4.1/mysql4.1.sock
pid-file        = /var/run/mysql4.1/
log             = /var/log/mysql4/mysql4.1.log

The current installation is running from a different port and the data
dir, socket, pid-file, and log are in different locations.

I then attempt to start MySQL like this:

../mysqld_safe --defaults_file=/path/to/my.cnf --user=mysql &

I get the following error:

/var/run/mysqld/ Permission denied
rm: cannot unlink `/var/run/mysqld/': Permission denied
Fatal error: Can't remove the pid file: /var/run/mysqld/
../mysqld_safe: /var/log/mysqld.log: Permission denied
Please remove it manually and start ./mysqld_safe again
mysqld daemon not started

It's as if it is ignoring the "--defaults_file" parameter and using the
same my.cnf file that the previous installation has.  Anyone have any
ideas as to what I need to do to get this working?

Re: Multiple MySql Servers

The option is "--defaults-file=", not "--defaults_file=" wrote:
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