multi-database update tool??

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I need a solution to 'simultaneously' update / insert records into
multiple mySQL databases that are identical in structure.

Merging the DBs is not a viable solution.
I have been using phpMyAdmin to do some updates individually, but the
number of DBs will be growing, so I need to find a solution.

Open-source / Freeware is preferred.

The DBs are managed by the same MySQL instance on a single server.

The specifics are:
I am running cloned Mambo content management based websites (that run
on MySQL DBs) that have different content.

I need a way to implement global multiple site DB changes without
having to go in and edit each DB.

No schema changes, just updating fields and inserting new records etc.
Pre-exsisting data will not be identical in all fields.

The DBs have no interaction with each other; no sharing involved.

The DBs are copies of each other that are accessed independently by
unique sites.

I just need an admin tool that will allow me to update or insert the
same record in all the DBs, in the same table in every DB.

Re: multi-database update tool??

jhead wrote:
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Have you considered creating one update script template,
modifying a copy of it for each change and then running the copy
for each of your databases?

If you are not running 24x7 you can create a master script that
runs the others for you.  This would reduce your workload to
making copies of your template, editing the copies, and then
invoking one script from the command line.


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