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I am new to Linux and am migrating a SQL Server DB with an Access front end
to MySQL and ?

What options are available under Linux for development of a client front end
without copious amounts of programming.

Without knowledge of PHP can a front end be developed using plugin
components with minimal fuss ?



Re: MS Access Equivalent

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If you like the way Access front ends for SQL Server, then the best front
end you can find for MySQL would be - Access.

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Assuming you are talking about Microsft front ends - MySQL Control Center
from or MySQL-Front or {a bunch of others I don't have time to
try}.  All useful but none have the full range of capabilities that Access
offers.  Access really does cover a lot of ground, much of it only
peripherally concerned with database utility. Most manage to succesfully
gather a collection of tools to do the job BUT you will have to ask what you
want to accomplish and be rather specific.

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As wildly popular as MySQL is amongs PHP enthusiasts, there is no connection
between these 2 systems.  You can "front" most any programmable system to
MySQL.  I've already mentioned Access/VBA as a perfectly competent system to
both manage MySQL and serve as a reporting tool.  My personal favorite for
creating reporting software under Microsoft would be Excel. Wonderful
Windows/Linux cross platform stuff can be done in Python. Or pick your own
favorite programming tools.

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Sighhh! This brings us right back to Access :-(
It's like a drug addiction!

Drugs (Access!) make you feel good at first but the end results aren't all
that pretty!
Thomas Bartkus

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Re: MS Access Equivalent

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 08:39:32 -0500, in mailing.database.mysql "Thomas

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Oh how painfully true that statement is :-)
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