Moving Access 97 database/application systems

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Back in 2000, I created several back end MS Access 97 databases and
built custom Access 97 front end interfaces to control how users enter
data into the database.  For example, if a field didn't have 8 numbers
and the current year as the first two number (11 for 2011), a warning
confirmation window would appear.

Since we all have Access 97 on our machines still, we're still running
strong.  However, I must plan for the future and move to something
else for database entries.  So, I have a couple of questions to see
what direction I should go.

First off, I need to move to something that will last 20 years plus.
Access 97 lasted for 10 years, but that was stretching it since
everyone had to stay with Access 97 instead of newer office packages.

Secondly, I need something that's free.  Our organization use to have
money to spend, but not any more.

I have 20+ databases that I'll need to recreate.  Can someone suggest
what free database back end I can use and also suggest what free front
end application I should use.  Please keep in mind that more than 2
users might be accessing the database at the same time.

Re: Moving Access 97 database/application systems

Have you seen Ruby on Rails?

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