Merge tables with where clause?

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I was wondering if there is a way to create a merge table using where
clauses for the underlying tables.  I have a date column in all tables
and would like to have it so that I could just inset say the last weeks
worth of data into the merge or would that be pointless.

Re: Merge tables with where clause?

Give us an example??

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Re: Merge tables with where clause?

I think I answered my own question.Since merge just maps the tables it
wouldn't help.  What I was wanting was to maybe create a quick merge
that did not have the entire table in it.  I did notice a bug though in
the merge which I will submit.  I have a merge table and when I do a
select on the subject column which is a text type and use a like in the
where like this - select * from all where subject like 'A%' - I get no
results.  It should give me all subjects starting with A.  I can do
this on the actual table and it is fine.

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