longblob-jpg encoding issue?

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I have a MyISAM table where I am saving longblobs. These blobs are jpg
files. However, when they are read back, there is a problem in that the jpg
files "have two sof markers."

I am wondering if it is something in the encodings of the table that could
be causing this? Is there some particular encoding I must have this table of
longblobs set to in order to store jpeg data as longblobs? Thank you - Ike,
psp system variables as follows:

Server variables and settings
      Variable Session value / Global value
      back log 50
      basedir /
      binlog cache size 32,768
      bulk insert buffer size 8,388,608
      character set latin1
      character sets latin1 big5 czech euc_kr gb2312 gbk latin1_de sjis
tis620 ujis dec8 dos german1 hp8 koi8_ru latin2 swe7 usa7 cp1251 danish
hebrew win1251 estonia hungarian koi8_ukr win1251ukr greek win1250 croat
cp1257 latin5
      concurrent insert ON
      connect timeout 5
      convert character set
      datadir /var/lib/mysql/
      default week format 0
      delay key write ON
      delayed insert limit 100
      delayed insert timeout 300
      delayed queue size 1,000
      flush OFF
      flush time 0
      ft boolean syntax + -><()~*:""&|
      ft max word len 254
      ft max word len for sort 20
      ft min word len 4
      ft stopword file (built-in)
      have bdb NO
      have crypt YES
      have innodb YES
      have isam YES
      have openssl NO
      have query cache YES
      have raid NO
      have symlink YES
      init file
      innodb additional mem pool size 1,048,576
      innodb autoextend increment 8
      innodb buffer pool size 8,388,608
      innodb data file path ibdata1:10M:autoextend
      innodb data home dir
      innodb fast shutdown ON
      innodb file io threads 4
      innodb flush log at trx commit 1
      innodb flush method
      innodb force recovery 0
      innodb lock wait timeout 50
      innodb log arch dir ./
      innodb log archive OFF
      innodb log buffer size 1,048,576
      innodb log file size 5,242,880
      innodb log files in group 2
      innodb log group home dir ./
      innodb max dirty pages pct 90
      innodb max purge lag 0
      innodb mirrored log groups 1
      innodb table locks ON
      innodb thread concurrency 8
      interactive timeout 28,800
      join buffer size 131,072
      key buffer size 8,388,600
      language /usr/share/mysql/english/
      large files support ON
      license GPL
      local infile ON
      locked in memory OFF
      log OFF
      log bin OFF
      log error
      log slave updates OFF
      log slow queries OFF
      log update OFF
      log warnings 1
      long query time 10
      low priority updates OFF
      lower case file system OFF
      lower case table names 0
      max allowed packet 1,048,576
      max binlog cache size 4,294,967,295
      max binlog size 1,073,741,824
      max connect errors 10
      max connections 500
      max delayed threads 20
      max heap table size 16,777,216
      max insert delayed threads 20
      max join size 4,294,967,295
      max relay log size 0
      max seeks for key 4,294,967,295
      max sort length 1,024
      max tmp tables 32
      max user connections 0
      max write lock count 4,294,967,295
      myisam max extra sort file size 268,435,456
      myisam max sort file size 2,147,483,647
      myisam recover options OFF
      myisam repair threads 1
      myisam sort buffer size 8,388,608
      net buffer length 16,384
      net read timeout 30
      net retry count 10
      net write timeout 60
      new OFF
      open files limit 2,510
      pid file /var/lib/mysql/cpanel.whintl.com.pid
      port 3,306
      protocol version 10
      query alloc block size 8,192
      query cache limit 1,048,576
      query cache size 0
      query cache type ON
      query cache wlock invalidate OFF
      query prealloc size 8,192
      range alloc block size 2,048
      read buffer size 131,072
      read only OFF
      read rnd buffer size 262,144
      rpl recovery rank 0
      server id 0
      skip external locking ON
      skip networking OFF
      skip show database OFF
      slave net timeout 3,600
      slow launch time 2
      socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
      sort buffer size 2,097,144
      sql mode 0
      table cache 64
      table type MYISAM
      thread cache size 0
      thread stack 196,608
      timezone EDT
      tmp table size 33,554,432
      tmpdir /tmp/
      transaction alloc block size 8,192
      transaction prealloc size 4,096
      tx isolation REPEATABLE-READ
      version 4.0.27-standard
      version comment Official MySQL RPM
      version compile os pc-linux-gnu
      wait timeout 28,800

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