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I have log files in the form of .txt and I'm wondering if there's something
I can use to see what kind of usage my dbase is getting. I'm interestedin
mainly in bandwidth use and that kind of stuff. It would be nice to see it
in the form of bargraphs.

Anything like that available?

Re: log analysis

Robert Blackwell wrote:
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MySQL has several logging capabilities, and also capabilities to track
bandwidth and such stats since the server was restarted.

SHOW STATUS is a statement that will display several stats about the
MySQL server, including bytes sent and received since the last server

You can read about log options at

As far as I know, there's no bar graph output, or automatic timeslicing,
e.g. bandwidth used per hour, etc.  You could write a script to collect
the values with SHOW STATUS and load the cumulative numbers into some
table or spreadsheet, and then generate a bar graph yourself based on this.

Bill K.

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