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I am new to myssql and am using a mysql database with the following

Table Itinerary
itinerary_id int(4)
ship_id int(4)
itinerary_title varchar(10)
itinerary_duration varchar(10)
date_from date
date_to date
from_port_id int(4)
to_port_id int(4)
port_destinations text
details text

Table Country
country_id int(4)
region_id int(4)
country_name varchar(30)

Table Region
region_id int(4)
region_name varchar(30)

Table Port
port_id int(4)
country_id int(4)
port_name varchar(30)
port_desc text
image_path varchar(50)

in my html form, I choose a field which fetches the data from the
region table. From the region table I select the region_id and then
find the corresponding record(country_id) in the country table. I now
use the country_id to find the port_id from the port table. Once I have
this port_id, I can perform the desired query and fetch the data from
the itinerary table. I am able to do this using three queries but that
takes a lot of time. Can someone help me out?

If someone can also point me to  a good tutorial on join, it would be


Re: Join

Pankaj wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

SELECT itinerary.* FROM region r
LEFT JOIN country c ON c.region_id = r.region_id
LEFT JOIN port p ON p.country_id = c.country_id
LEFT JOIN itinerary i ON i.from_port_id = p.port_id;

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