****Is this a friendly News Group for a mysql beginner??????

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I have coded in Rbase for DOS, Foxpro (DOS and Win3.1) and have a little C
and old Paschal behind me.  Coding for the internet seems to be totally
different.  I expect different in respect to how sql results are returned.

I intend to have an internet provider, can someone tell me why Apache is or
is not beneficial?

Does mysql provide a user interface or must that be structured in PHP or
something else?

I apologize for these stupid questions but I have not found a FAQ.



Re: ****Is this a friendly News Group for a mysql beginner??????

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The fact that MySQL operates over the internet really doesn't have a lot
to do with the programming interface, except perhaps in how you set
up a connection in the first place (which requires a host name).

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MySQL is a database.  Apache is a web server.  They aren't really
related but they are often used together for web-based applications.
Often, both are used together with PHP to make web pages that access
and update a database.

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MySQL provides a command-line client interface where you can type
in SQL queries and get answers.  This can be very useful for debugging
and testing stuff and one-shot administrative changes that don't
really need the effort of developing a program.

There are also web-based programs like phpMyAdmin which provide a
GUI interface for various administration and data-browsing tasks.

Normally you'd have a programming language (e.g. C, C++, or PHP)
that makes queries and does something with the results.

                        Gordon L. Burditt

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