Install v5.0.4 as Service WinXP-Problems

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After having MySQL 3.23 installed, I upgraded to 5.0, but having
problems with the service.   I did not do a full uninstall and its not
clear, if I should have or not.
However as many Windows (WinXP) users know, the existing service needs
to be modified and point to the new MySQL.  I was able to use  'sc'  to
modify the service, and even specify --defaults-file to point to my new
'my.ini'  at C:\MySQL50\my.ini

I'm still getting stuck and ther service aborts, on startup when the
system is trying to reference the old area [guessing here] and trying
to find   C:\MySQL\share\errmsg.en

How can I change this, and get the service up and running ??

Re: Install v5.0.4 as Service WinXP-Problems

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Should I be starting
mysqld   Or
mysqld-nt    ??

Re: Install v5.0.4 as Service WinXP-Problems

Re: WinXP install of the MySQL 5.0.4 Beta
Still curious ....

I'm trying to run the   mysqld  as an automatic Service that starts up
when windows, actually WinXP starts up.

I've edited the service using  "sc" to point to the new location
C:\MySQL50  (March beta).   But I'm not getting it to start correctly.
The latest error shows up in  .err file:

InnoDB: Error: log file .\ib_logfile0 is of different size 0 10485760
InnoDB: than specified in the .cnf file 0 5242880 bytes!

.... ???
I've removed all old cfg files    my.ini, etc and only have 1 now
under  C:\MySQL50\    relevant excerpt:
   and so is the size of the file (looks consistent)
06/10/2005  12:00 PM        10,485,760 ib_logfile0

I see my-medium.ini  and my-small.ini  both use 5M but only listed as
comments, as they stand now.
MySQL is either reading the wrong cfg file or has some parameters,
built in to it.   Can I get a little help ?

ps: I'm also posting on best ways to use MySQLAdmin and whether / how
it should run.  (Previously stayed in systray).  Not sure how to keep
it running/visible.

Re: Install v5.0.4 as Service WinXP-Problems

I can start  mysqld  in a console, but still am not able to start it as
a service.

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