I just want to know the differences :0)

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Hi All

Is it me or is it sooo difficult to find what has been implemented between
versions of the MySQL Administrator tool?

I've looked all over the MySQL site and I simply can't find a simple version
history page to let me know:

a) What are the differences between the last v1.0 minor update and the one I
have now, ie v1.0.21?

b) What are the differences between v1.1 and my v1.0 version?

c) It even says on their web site that if you can't use v1.1 then use v1.0,
but what are the problems?????

I know at one point v1.1 wouldn't allow me to backup my DBs on my ISP's
servers, but the new 1.1.5 update 'seems' to have corrected this issue.  If
only I could find out what happened and what was corrected I'd feel a lot
more confident about using it.

FYR, I'm using the Windows version of MySQL 4 and help you can give me would
be very much appreciated.



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