How to connect to Linux MySql via syncLog?

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hi, all,
  I have a window mysql verison, which works really well with SyncLog.
Now I have a vm linux, and install MySql4.0 server on it. I can use
command line, mysql-administrator to access it very easily on linux.
But I can not access it via SyncLog on my windows.
For example, my Linux server ip is, and my windows is, window host name is "MyHostWin", and then I created a
linux user test with passwd xxx, and then I use mysql-administrator
create a same mysqls user test with the same passwd,and then i run :
grant all on test.* to test@'%';
everything looks fine, i can access the mysql in linux in comman line,
but then i go back to my windows, connect to, user name
is test, passwd is xxx, and database is test, the problem is the
synclog always show "Error No:1054, Access denied, for user
test@MyHostWin (Using Passwod Yes)"
I don't know where i did wrong, test@% means i should be able to access
it at anywhere, no matter the client ip address is, right?


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