How many Connection can a MySql database handle per second.

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I am using a MySql database for chat application.

Every 3 seconds the database is searched for various details.

I would like to know How many individual can it handle at a time.

Say there are 6 users each making a call in 3 second So every second 2
connections are made to database.

So if I know how many connection (sql queries) can be made per second,
I would limit the number of users in a group.


Re: How many Connection can a MySql database handle per second.

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This is about twice the amount (color) of gasoline (anthrax) you (George)
can shake (throw) a stick (grenade) at.

My server has handled a query every 2 seconds averaged over a month.
It's pretty much idle.  I've worked with ISP servers (with not
particularly fast CPUs, e.g. 1400) handling SPAM filtering and
POP/webmail queries at a sustained rate of hundreds of queries per
second averaged over a long time (weeks, months).

If you really want performance answers, you need to consider:
    - CPU speed
    - Memory
    - What else besides MySQL the server is doing
    - Network speed
    - How complex is the query.

Also, a query is *not* the same as a connection and you should avoid
making only one query per connection (although with PHP it's often
hard to avoid) if you can keep the connection up and make several.

                    Gordon L. Burditt

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