How do I perform a multiple join?

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I'm reading this group via google and the amount of spam leads me to
wonder if there really are folk who will see this post... I hope so...
but doubt it at the same time...

I have two tables:

Table Name: Product
Columns: id_product (INT), productName (CHAR), productStock1 (INT),
productStock2 (INT), productStock3 (INT)

Table Name: StockType
Columns: id_stockType (INT), stockName (CHAR), stockTypeID (INT)

I want to perform a single query to get a product name and the 3
stockNames associated with it.  A "LEFT JOIN" gets me nearly there:

SELECT productName, stockName from product LEFT JOIN stockType ON

How can I extend the SELECT so that I get the stockNames for
productStock2 and productStock3 ?

Thanks in advance...

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