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Dear member, <br><br>

This is our special Christmas report on the very best in gift ideas on the net.
Take a look at our Top 20 gift shop selection below, you are sure to find all
the ideas you need, without leaving your chair!

<font size=1><br> Please note that by clicking any of the links below, you have
opted-in, and agreed to view these websites. <br><br></font>

<hr><h1>  I Want One Of Those&#133; </h1>

"Rated as one of the top online gift sites, we pride ourselves on being the
ultimate present buying solution and have more gifts, toys and gadgets than you
can shake a stick at (should that be your favoured mode of self expression).
More dedicated than a squirrel in Autumn we forage for and store the largest
range of gadgets and gifts online which in turn makes your life an absolute
breeze. All you have to do is come along and grab some nuts! <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454146420E08.aspx '
target="_blank">I Want One Of Those Ltd</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Turn Your Favourite Photo <br> Into A Work of Art </h1>

While surfing the web we came across an excellent concept - you can now have an
amazing oil painting created from any photo or picture, by simply uploading it
online. The cost starts at only $129, which includes packaging and delivery
anywhere in the world! Take a look at this brilliant new website, and what a
great gift idea! <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E414246424A47410E08.aspx '
target="_blank">  Portrait Master </a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Bizzy Balloons </h1>

We sell helium balloon gifts with guaranteed UK next day delivery and free
chocolates. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A45414A440E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Bizzy Balloons</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Alternative Gifts </h1>

Alternative Gifts Limited offer a wide range of gift ideas all available for
despatch on next day delivery. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A4546424B0E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Alternative Gifts Ltd</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Bears By Mail </h1>

Flowers are so unoriginal...Send a teddy instead! Bearsbymail.com sends out cute
and cuddly teddy bears for next day delivery within the UK and to 42 countries
worldwide. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454641400E08.aspx '
target="_blank">bearsbymail.com</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Ministry of Gadgets </h1>

The ultimate in men's gifts, gadgets & innovations. With over 500 products
always in stock, great prices, and outstanding customer services. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454647470E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Ministry Of Gadgets</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Flowergram </h1>

Local, national & international flower delivery service offering a wide variety
of beautiful bouquets and arrangements for every occasion, hand delivered by a
Flowergram Florist for that personal touch. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A4546454A0E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Flowergram.co.uk</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Cool Gifts for Kids </h1>

Packed full of gift ideas for babies and kids up to eight years old, Cool Gifts
for Kids makes it easy for you to send fantastic gift-wrapped presents with
confidence. Whether it is a new baby gift, child's birthday, christening or
naming day we have gorgeous gifts, which will impress parents and kids alike!

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454742430E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Cool Gifts for Kids Ltd</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Findmeagift </h1>

We supply a huge range of gifts, gadgets and the latest exciting products for
men women and children. With over 1000 amazing products we cater for every age
and occasion. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454740460E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Findmeagift.com</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  My First Chopper </h1>

Leading UK suppliers of the latest 'must have' go-gadgets. Specialising in Mini
Chopper Bikes, Petrol Scooters, Mini Motos, Midi Motos Mini Bikes & Pocket
Bikes. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454746450E08.aspx '
target="_blank">My First Chopper</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Toys Direct </h1>

ToysDirect.co.uk is operated by Greens Superstores - a family business since
1922 with 17 shops across the country. Huge Stock - Great prices on Indoor and
Outdoor toys. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454745420E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Toys Direct.co.uk</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  E-Lingerie </h1>

Stylish site - recenty upgraded- offering exquisite lingerie from such names as
Aubade, Rigby & Peller, Janet Reger and Chantelle. Styles are shown in each
collection to simplify selection and customers can search by size, type and
brand. There is also a great 'Sale' section with end of range bargains. Prices
are competitive and there is help for 'him buying for her' and a gift service.

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A45474B410E08.aspx '
target="_blank">eLingerie.uk.net</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  The Soccer Site </h1>

Football gear and equipment, including Samba Junior goals, footballs, table
football machines, speed training, fitness items and much more.. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454443440E08.aspx '
target="_blank">The Soccer Site</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Need A Present </h1>

Our product range is unique and eye catching, from &#163;5 to &#163;1500 there
is something for everyone. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A4544414B0E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Needapresent.com</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Magic Tricks </h1>

We've been selling magic over the Internet since 1999, and are one of the
longest established Internet magic dealers in the UK. We love what we do, and
are proud to retail some of the most innovative and highest quality magic items
available, and provide customer service that we believe is second to none.

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454444400E08.aspx '
target="_blank">MagicTricks.co.uk</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Toy Centre </h1>

Toycentre, founded in 1999 is the UK&#180;s first independent online toy
retailer. We have over 1000 lines of leading brands priced to compete with the
major high street retailers. We offer next day delivery for UK mainland as
standard at a fixed &#163;4.50 per order. International shipping is also
available. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A45444A470E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Toycentre</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Boys Stuff </h1>

Home of serious fun specialising in big boys toys and gadgets. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A4545424A0E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Boysstuff Ltd</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Gadgets </h1>

Gadgets, is fast becoming the UK&#180;s first stop for the latest Gadgets and
has already established itself as one of the UK&#180;s top five gadget sites.
Since our launch in 2001, we have built up a well earned reputation for
supplying the latest Gadgets first and fast! <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454541430E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Gadgets.co.uk</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Gadget Pages </h1>

Gadget Pages offer a wide selection of the 'very latest' gadgets, boys' toys,
gifts, cool stuff and accessories. Our range also includes 'james bond' spy
stuff, MP3 players, digital cameras and more. <br><br>

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454547460E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Gadget Pages</a> <br><br>

<hr><h1>  Days to Amaze </h1>

Unique and unusual gift experiences from driving Ferraris, flying Helicopters to
relaxing Pamper and Spa days available at venues nationwide. Join our success,
we are one of the leading gift experience and activity day companies in the UK.

href='http://verybest-onthenets.net/080E1F0B01031E32140017171001165C11011B175C1C1106075C1716075C06050E45404647420E4747440E400E41434A454545450E08.aspx '
target="_blank">Days To Amaze</a> <br><br>


                                    Thank you for taking the time to read this special report <br><br>

                                    Regards, <br><b> The Web Reporter </b><br> The very best on the
net    <br><br>


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