GUI for stored procedures in MySQL?

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Dear MySQL experts,

I have a website that is using MS SQL Server 2000 with ASP scripting. I want
to switch over to MySQL, but I'm just sticking my toes in the water at the
moment to see if it makes sense.

One of my favorites things about MS SQL is being able to use the Enterprise
Manager as a GUI in constructing VIEWS that I later turn into stored
procedures. EM makes it super simple to link tables and create a query. It
basically writes the source code for you as you go and you can test run it
interactively until you get the results you want. I then take the resultant
source code and paste it into a stored procedure, which in turn is called by
my website script. This allows a relative novice like me to manage a
somewhat complex database structure.

My question is: does the MySQL GUI allow for the management of stored
procedures in a similar manner? Can I create a view and just "cut-and-paste"
the source into a dialog box that will then create the stored procedure for
me? Does MySQL allow for the visual management of stored procedures within
its GUI?

I truly appreciate your time and thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Re: GUI for stored procedures in MySQL?

Ben wrote:
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Not that I have seen.  The MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser
are far more simple than the visual development tool you describe.  I
have not seen any GUI tool for creating of views and stored procedures.

Note that stored procedures in MySQL are a feature of MySQL 5, which is
still in an alpha release state (i.e. still under development and likely
to change before they're done).  So any tools for MySQL database
development would be quite cutting-edge if they support stored procedures.

Bill K.

Re: GUI for stored procedures in MySQL?

Hi Bill,

I appreciate the info. It was MySQL 5 I was thinking of. When I did a Google
search on "stored procedures" and MySQL I was given a link to a document on that described the functionality very well and like it was already
golden. I later found out 5 is still in beta. I'm looking forward to the
full release.

Many thanks,

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Re: GUI for stored procedures in MySQL?

Ben wrote:

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MySQL 5.0 is still only in the alpha development phase. It will be some
time yet before it becomes beta and then production quality.

Chris Hope | |

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