Getting rid of the failed setups in MyODBC driver?

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Anyone with any experience with MyODBC 3.51 linking MySQL tables to MS
Access 97 please tell me how I can clear the miscellaneous, failed
setup attempts from under the Machine Data Source tab on the Select
Data Source window?

Everytime I clicked "NEW", trying variations of configuration options
in hopes of making it work resulted in a new Machine Data Source being
set up. Now I have to look at all the failed ones along with the one
successful configuration everytime I use it to renew my attachments.
Ideas on how to get rid of 'em?

I'm quite frustrated with looking at them.

Re: Getting rid of the failed setups in MyODBC driver?

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Access 97 - wow!  You are at least using Windows 98 or higher, aren't you?

Hard to believe you don't have a [Remove] button on your ODBC dialog -
Machine Data Source tab.  But if this is truly the case, you are going to
have to root out the entries manually from the registry.

Thomas Bartkus

Re: Getting rid of the failed setups in MyODBC driver?

Archie Ball wrote:
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If a connection is not working properly isn't it easier just to adapt
some parameters in stead of just making a new one? I might be saying
something stupid but I'm not familiar with the MyODBC dialogs and options.

You can probably do so by the All Programs > Administrative Tools >
Datasources (ODBC) option (at least in Windows XP). This Administrative
Tools menu is not visible by default but you can access it by modifying
the apropriate option on the Advanced tab of the Start menu customization.


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