Getting Error Nr. 1045 during setup

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I'm trying to install MySQL.  During the security settings portion fo the
setup.  I keep getting a Connection Error.
Error Nr. 1045
Access denied for user'root'@'localhost'(using password:YES)


I had Zonealarm running.  Changed the trusted zone security setting to
low(disabled)   then selected "retry"  Failed again.

Rebooted, turned off Zonealarm, going through configuration wizard I changed
the root password to "YES" connection still failed...

I'm obviously not crossing a "T" somewhere.  I'm a little lost.

Thanks in advance.

Greg Noss

Re: Getting Error Nr. 1045 during setup

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Well, for what it's worth, in that error message, it does not mean that the
root password is literally "YES" -- it means that you did give a password.
In MySQL, it is possible to configure accounts that do not have a password.
It's even possible for the same account to have different privileges
depending on whether you supply a password or not.  So in this error, the
fact that you were attempting to supply a password when it failed is
actually a relevant detail (though I have always thought that this error is
confusing for new users).

The first thing I'd check is if the MySQL service is running.  You could get
this error in the client if there is no service for the client to talk to.
You can check the service by opening Control Panel -> Administrator Tools ->

Check the error log for clues.  On my Windows machine, the error log is
location in C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL 5.0 Server\data\<hostname>.err
(where <hostname> is the name of my Windows machine).

Read the following page for many more tips on resolving "access denied"

Bill K.

Re: Getting Error Nr. 1045 during setup

Thanks for your input,  I had another app. that installed their version of
MySQL I wasn't using their functions I removed their version adn PRESTO
MySQL worked.  Is it possible to run to different copies of MySQL on the
same machine?

Greg Noss

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Re: Getting Error Nr. 1045 during setup

Greg Noss wrote:
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I would guess that your copy of MySQL wasn't running at all; it was the
vendor's instance running on the same port.  That would explain why your
password wasn't being recognized.

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Yes, it should be possible to do so.

More recent versions of MySQL support the concept of running "instances"
of one installation.

But if you want to run multiple instances of _different_ MySQL
installations (for example, if you want to keep several different
versions available for testing), it gets trickier.

They need to be installed in different directories, and they must not
touch each other's databases.  They should listen on distinct ports.  If
you run them as services on Windows, they need to use distinct service
names.  On UNIX/Linux, they also need to have distinct locations for
their respective log files, init scripts, and socket files.  Whew!

Bill K.

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