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Are there any good PHP scripts or pre written programs that deal with a
complex database?
Let me explain:
I'm in truck dispatch, and we've moved all tables to mysql and access them
on a network via ms access.
We will open another office in another city, and will want a "web" database.
Now here's what I'm after: Currently one form has various dropdown boxes to
pick customer, shipper, consignee, and carrier information.  YES, I even
have the combos ask (ENTER SEARCH STRING), so all 17000 records do not show
up in the dropdown combo boxes.  You might enter da for example to get all
occurrences of carries that start with da, i.e., Davis Transportation Inc.
Currently only about 5 da's.  Of course the information in combos are pulled
from the customer database via a query.  This all being done in ms access
with the mysql tables linked.

This is a very complex system, and all works perfect on a five computer
By the way, choosing a shipper in a combobox fills in "ALL" necessary fields
for pickup, i.e., Address, contact person, phone number for directions, etc.
Can a web database even do something like this?

When I migrate to a "Web" database,  I am looking for a good PHP script /
code / example that can handle this situation of dealing with multiple
lookups on one form, and filling in all required information without having
to type it in each time.

Ok PHP folks can this be done and where are the examples to learn off of?

To put it in a nutshell, I know how to populate a table, search, and edit
records in php.  What I need are example of: Say you are entering a new
record, I need a "LOOKUP POPUP TABLE" with a search (enter search string)
like above, and a way to select a row, then the "LOOKUP POPUP TABLE" closes
and the original record I was entering has certain fields filled in.  Liken
this to the "Northwind" example that comes with MS Access.  In an order
example, they have some customer info auto filled in.

If all I needed was table / forn / search / edit, I could use DADABIK.

And one final question,  Do I need a web database, or is it possible to
still use MS Access as a front end from another city / state in a client
server setup?  I know how to network all this but not client / server from a
long distance.

Please if some knowledgeable person reads this, please reply.


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