Font error after restore database.

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I have a forum which is use Vietnamese language and input is utf-8. It
work normall in mysql 4.0 but after i upgrade to mysql 4.1 it has some
strange error in font. Some character like broken and become
ỿ . :( . In the end i found a stupid solutions, that was i copy a
/usr/local/mysql/mysql/databasename/ ( a folder which is contain
database in mysql ) from mysql 4.0 and put to mysql4.1 folder.
Everything work well again. And now a real big problem happen. I
backuped my database with : mysqldump data > data.sql and drop
everything to fix my server, after fixing my server i restore database
use : mysql database < database.sql and a old problem appear again :( .
Some character broken and apear as &#7935; . I dont know what to do now
becauase that was my only backup at this time. I'v google a week
already and could not find any solutions.
My forum adress is : /

Thank you and hope some one can help me.
Nguyen Thanh

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