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I'm using mysql 3.23.54 over Red Hat Linux 9. I'm having problems with
the error logs.

I've run mysqld start --l, mysqld start --log, mysqld start
--log-error, and mysqld start --log=MyErrors.log and not once managed
to find a log file.

I'm running mysql and then issuing:- SELECT * FROM myFile WHERE 1;
which gives ERROR 1046: No Database Selected. That should surely be
logged in a file somewhere.

I'm using:- find / -amin -5 to select anything altered in the last
five minutes, after many fruitless hours trying to find the correctly
named files (from <>).
I can't see anything containing that error.

Ultimately, I'm trying to work out whether a J2EE app has connected
with mySQL. I want to see whether the CORBA error I'm getting is
because mySQL rejected the request, or whether it's from CORBA itself.
If mySQL rejected it, there'd be an error message. I just can't see
any error message store at all. Can anyone see the error of my ways?


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