Error 4001????

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I'm not sure if this is the right Newsgroup for MySQL dev questions?

I'm currently writing some ODBC interface code, and using a local MySQL
db as a development test database. In the medium term, the customer
expects many of the databases will indeed be MySQL. So this is a good
test. When I have the functionality up and running, we'll then test
against other database configurations.

I can bind my variables to a result set and read/add/modify rows.
The problems start when I try to write large binary fields. There's
currently a limit of about 8000 bytes. Okay, I've worked out how to
solve this using a call to SQLPutData for the large field(s).

I call SQLBulkOperations. The result set has three fields. Two are bound
normally, and a third is marked with the ValueSize Indicator set to mark
  it as a runtime record (for PutData).
But SQLBulkOperations returns the ODBC error HY000.
The book I have this describes it as "A general error occurred for which
there is no specific SQLSTATE and which no specific SQLSTATE has been
defined." It then goes on to say that SQLGetDiagRec should be called to
find out more. I do as a matter of course. It looks like there is only
the one error status.
I'm getting a native error code of "4001"

What is "4001"?   I can't find any reference to it on the MySQL website!
The problem is almost certainly mine, but at the moment I'm in the dark
as to what it is!



Richard Marsden
Winwaed Software Technology, for MapPoint tools and add-ins

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