Dreamweaver MySQL connection using PHP and Apache on XP

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I have Apache Web Server 2.0.55 installed locally with MySQL 5.0.18-nt, and
of course PHP 5.1.2
I also have installed phpMyAdmin. It is accessible through
The pathing for directories is
C:\Apache\Apache2\htdocs-root folder for Dreamweaver 6.0 otherwise know as
MX 2004 I think.
C:\mysql, C:\mysql\data-databases including phpmyadmin
C:\Apache\Apache2\phpmyadmin for phpMyAdmin scripts.

I  have 2 hosting accounts, and I can connect to both databases.

But I want to go through a tutorial using localhost. And when I try I get
the error "an unidentified error has occurred:
Here is the log entry in Apache.
[Tue May 23 22:13:31 2006] [error] [client] PHP Notice:  Undefined
variable: HTTP_POST_VARS in
C:\Apache\Apache2\htdocs\dw_tutorial\_mmServerScripts\MMHTTPDB.php on
line 13
[Tue May 23 22:13:31 2006] [error] [client] PHP Notice:  Undefined
variable: oConn in
C:\Apache\Apache2\htdocs\dw_tutorial\_mmServerScripts\MMHTTPDB.php on
line 21

I have a feeling this has to deal with me installng phpmyadmin, and how I
set permissions.
I followed this URL in phpmyadmin directions

I don't quite follow the relations from the pma user pmapass versus what I
put in for the mysql root user.
I can get in to mysql using root user at the command line, and through
phpMyAdmin by http://localhost/phpMyAdmin.
But through DW with Server as localhost, using root user I get the above

If you could maybe give me some info on what the $cfg['Servers'][$i] setting
represent maybe that will get me through.



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