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Recently changed from using Access to MySQL.
Looked at the online docs but could not find anything about the process of
distributing a database to customers.
Can anyone give me a general idea of what is required. I sort of did a test
by simply moving the database files to a different directory but was unable
to connect after that through my VB front end.

Also If anyone could point me in direction of links that show how to do
this. Im particularly interested to know what happens to user names and
passwords. Do they remain on my system or do they move with the database?

Also would I have to pay for a special licence to do this or just tell
customers to install their own versions of the server and if the latter how
would it recognise my database and the permissions I have created


Re: distributing MySQL

Ian Davies wrote:

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Last thing first, no you don't have to pay for a special license.  The
beauty of Open Source Database.  Secondly, as to distribution of the
database; it depends.  Are they working on a set of common data, or do they
just need the structure and are going to put in their own data.  If the
latter, then check out mysqldump for dumping the file

Re: distributing MySQL

Thanks for the reply

I will look into sqldump
But have written into my VB program lots of mysql commands that are run when
the the software is run for the first time. It took a long time but they
create a database if not already present, creates all tables and foreign
keys etc, populates with default data and creates all required users.
I think this is the best method if I need to distribute upgrades to either
the program or the database as I just distribute a single new front end
which automatically does any updating to tables, structure etc when run.
However, If you know of an alternative approach I m always open to better

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