DELETE with related table

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I have a table (tableA), with a data field (saved as a VARCHAR in
YYYY-MM-DD). I have a second table, tableB, which has a field with an int
field which refers to the ID of tableA (or is null).  I call this field

I am trying to delete rows in tableA where the date is less than a specified
value AND there is no reference to said row in tableB.

But how to specify this in SQL. I tried :

DELETE FROM tableA WHERE <'2007-01-01' and tableB.idA!=;

only to get the exception Unknown table 'tableB' in where clause.

Can anyone help me out here? Thanks, R. Vince

Re: DELETE with related table

On Apr 24, 12:45 am, "R. Vince" <rvince99  a t hotmail d o t com>
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You have to join tableB to the query.

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