database replication help needed

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 have two servers, currently running Red Hat Enterprise (EL3) with 6
hard drives each 2 for OS (mirror) 2 for data (mirror) and 2 for Mysql
DB (mirror)

both are identical.

now without spending any extra cash on hardware, is there any way to
get a replicated or clustering filesystem?

i've looked high and low, and all over google, sourceforge, freshmeat,
slashdot, etc and I haven't had any luck.

Mysql replication doesn't work because it only fails-over and only
manually. no fail-back.

mysql clustering is OK, except the memory of the systems is only 1 gig,
and our database will grow to 1 gig in under a month. so that's out.

LinuxHA may be a possibility but it seems overly cumbersome and not
really workable for such a small environment.

NFS doesn't work, sure manual replication, but now fail over/back
ability at all.

the only possible things I've found which might work is CODA or
inter-mezzo, but they seem experimental.

yes I know the obvious answer is to use a SAN or storage array, but as
I said, we have no budget for hardware.

The systems have 3 NICs each, so some out of band syncing is certainly

I briefly considered NetwareFS and LDAP, neither are feasible.

anyone got any bright ideas? for something automated?

PS - this email address is dead, don't bother trying to contact

Re: database replication help needed

i.e both master and salve mirror each other per every transaction
you can even utilize  this for load balancing with aid of ip load
balancer hardware which very less in cost and acts as fail over

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