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I running MySQL locally and have the following dir setup

C:\wamp\mysql\data\mike - This is where the tables for the database
mike are stored

C:\wamp\mysql\data - This is where I think the database data is stored.

Basically the file in the data dir. (ibdata1) is 10,240kb in size.
When I update a table in the mike database the file size of ibdata1
doesn't increase and I don't know why?

Anyone got any ideas??



Re: database file size

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ibdata1 is preallocated and probably (unless you've really used
it to capacity) has free space within it (from the point of view
of MySQL, but not as far as the OS is concerned).

                        Gordon L. Burditt

Re: database file size

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MySQL come with at least two storage implementations, MyISAM and InnoDB.
InnoDB tables reside in the <datadir>/ibdata1 file.  MyISAM tables reside as
individual files under <datadir>/<databasename>.

If you add volume to a table in the mike database, it may be added to either
<datadir>/mike/<tablename>.MYD, or else <datadir>/ibdata1.  Which one
depends on the table storage type, which was determined when you created the
table.  For example, if the table uses the MyISAM storage type, then the
ibdata1 file won't be touched at all.

And as Gordon says, sometimes a change to the table won't necessarily result
in an immediate change in the file size.  For efficiency, the RDBMS may
sometimes increase file size with some room to spare.

Bill K.

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