Database design (need help with a schema)

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I'm building a site for my family & friends to all keep in touch and
the two features I'm coming to a halt about is this (in database
I let users create their own pages (with a title and content) but there
is pre-defined pages that every user has and SOME are user specific.

For example, blog, calendar and comments are 3 normal pages everyone
will have on their profile page, where, tour dates and projects are
pages only my brother should have (because he's a musician) Then on top
of that...
There are "objects" like photos, videos, tags, favorites, etc. Music...
whatever they want.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this in a database.

To have "system" pages that every user will have depening on, what user
type they are? and then to allow a user to create his own custom pages
AND possibly include DYNAMIC widgets inside these pages!

Also, the blocks and objects should be interchangeable with pages
(unless the page is a system page) so, a user can drag his photos into
his custom "Gallery" page and the object stays within that page.

I'm just trying to figure out how to set this up with a database. I
need help.

So, if you didn't get all of that, I'll try to be as frank as possible
right here.
I need system pages that all users will have (depending on their user
type) and I need to allow them to create their own custom pages AND
manage all of the pages weight. System or Custom page.

I want custom pages to be able to have widgets (like photos, and
things) and the profile page of the user already has objects that
aren't pages (like sidebar widgets)

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