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I'm running mysql / innodb tables on a dual 2.8 xeon box with 2GB RAM
and noticed that CPU is used at 90%.

RAM usage is ok. Approx 50% free.

I have approx 40 queries per second and I wonder if there is anything
I can do in my database config to improve performance, apart from
changing CPU. Do you suggest more CPU?

Any suggestions? Thanks!


I forgot to mention that we are on Debian 3.1


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First, you need to verify what is eating up the cpu.
Start with the "top" utility on your debian system and use it to analyze cpu

A good guess on may part would be that with an average 40queries/sec, the
cpu is heavily engaged answering queries ;-)
You need to enable your binary log and you need to do some analysis of this
to identify where the heavy query load is coming from.  You *might* simply
just be overloaded with users and applications making query demands.

On the other hand, and I consider this more likely, you have 1 or 2 abusers
overloading the system with unececssary and/or bad queries.  It's all too
common for people to write apps that machine gun query a system 10 times a
second for something that would would work perfectly well when done once
every 10 minutes - with drastic performance consequences.

Does it make sense to you to have 40 queries/second ?
Thomas Bartkus

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