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Michael had just turned thirteen. He was pretty smart, or atleast that is the
way he acted. He knew all about everything. Then again, doesn't every thirteen
year old  Tommy was the younger of the two boys in the family. Still, at twelve
he stood up for himself pretty good whenever Michael teased him. Most of the
time.Both boys had been pushing each other trying to prove whowas the man of the
house. It was hard on them when dad died and in a way it was their way of
getting over it. Mom let them settle most of their own fights and arguments.
When she did step in though it was only after she had warned them to settle it
or else.That also meant that they were both in big trouble when she did have to
take action. It also meant that neither of the two boys would be rushing to sit
down in the near future. Mom always settled their disagreements and fighting
with a paddle telling both of them that if they had to behave like little boys
then she would treat them like little boys.  Tomm
 y had spent most of the day po

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