Connector/net causing 'Connection unexpectedly terminated'

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I have MySql 5.0.18 and Connector/net 1.0.7 installed and am using c# to connect
to a remote database.

If I execute the EXE in the debug folder (or choose start without debugging from
the debug menu) then it all seems to work
fine and my applicaiton can connect to the database. But if I debug the
application through Visual Studio then I receive the
exception ''Connection unexpectedly terminated' on the Open() function for the
mysql connection.

I originally used the Odbc Drivers and it was working fine, but wanted to
upgrade to use Connector/net.

This is really bugging me.. anybody have any ideas?? Please help!

Thanks in advance,


Re: Connector/net causing 'Connection unexpectedly terminated'


I also tested a C# program with the same MySQL server and Connector/Net
versions and had no problems, so I think it's no general problem. I guess
there might rather be something specific in your application that causes
these problems.


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