Complex Query over two Databases..

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Can someone please help me combine these two queries?  Basically, there
are 3 columns in the ebluecard table that refer to agent.  I need to do
this first query, but filter by the office which is in the agents table
in a different database.  Is this possible?

This is the main query:
 SELECT count(MarketingSource) as newvalue, marketingsource,
FROM ebluecard where month(RTREDateRecorded) = month(Now()) and
year(RTREDateRecorded)  = year(Now()) group by Marketingsource

This is the secondary query:
select calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.*, calcagniclientlist.agents.*
from  calcagnirealtime.ebluecard, calcagniclientlist.agents
where (calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.ClientRespectedAgent <> 'Mike Smith')
and (calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.ListingAgent  <> 'Mike Smith')  and
(calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.ClientCallAgent  <> 'Mike Smith')  and
((calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.ClientRespectedAgent =
calcagniclientlist.agents.AgentName) or
(calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.ListingAgent =
calcagniclientlist.agents.AgentName) or
(calcagnirealtime.ebluecard.ClientCallAgent =

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