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Does anyone know where I could find a complete city and state database
for MySQL?

I've looked at the Zip Code data on the census website, but don't know
the best approach to get a .dbf file into MySQL.  Preferably someon has

already done this?

Thanks, Greg

Re: city state database

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Data for city/state/country/zip codes etc., change so frequently that it is
best to get the data from a commercial product, including a subscription to
updates.  Otherwise your database will be outdated within a month.  There
are numerous commercial providers, for example:
Price: 12 month subscription for $39.95.  In MS Access, MS Excel, and CSV

This is just the first such vendor that came up in a Google search.  I don't
know how many others there are, or whether this is the best price.  But I
would assume that any better price is at most $39.95 better than this one.

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MySQL AB offers a tool called Migration Toolkit, but I can't find any
reference to .DBF support in its documentation.

Intelligent Converters has a product they call MySQL Migration Toolkit that
says it converts .DBF to MySQL databases.  Price: $89.

EMS Software Development has a product they call EMS Data Import for MySQL
that also says it support import from .DBF files. Price: $45 for Linux, $65
for Windows.

There are probably others.  I found these by a Google search for keywords
"mysql migration dbf".

You could also convert the DBF file to CSV using any number of free tools
(Google for "dbf csv convert") and then use MySQL's builtin LOAD DATA INFILE
statement to read the CSV.

Bill K.

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