Can you help with 'MySQL Query Browser'?

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I'm new to MySQL and am having a frustrating time figuring out some of
the tools. I'm getting ERROR 1044 when I try to execute the following


DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `mailmsgs`.`sp_AddNew` $$
CREATE PROCEDURE `mailmsgs`.`sp_AddNew` (date_time datetime,
sender char(255),
xSubject text,
body mediumtext,
msgGroup varchar(45))
  INSERT INTO t_Outlook_Msgs values (null, date_Time, sender,
xSubject, body, msgGroup);
END $$


This is the error:


Message: Access denied for user '%s'@'%s' to database '%s'

I don't get this error when I execute other queries against the same
db and table.

Could anybody please enlighten me.

Thank you,


Re: Can you help with 'MySQL Query Browser'?

I forgot to say that I'm using an anonymous user connection.

Thank you,


Re: Can you help with 'MySQL Query Browser'?

Quoted text here. Click to load it
This page says:
"These statements create stored routines. As of MySQL 5.0.3, to use them, it
is necessary to have the CREATE ROUTINE privilege."
This page says:
"The CREATE ROUTINE privilege is needed for creating stored routines
(functions and procedures). ALTER ROUTINE privilege is needed for altering
or dropping stored routines, and EXECUTE is needed for executing stored

See this page for more information about the privilege system and how to go
about granting privileges to database users:

Bill K.

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