Can't connect to mysql server

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I am setting up MySQL on a development box.  I have set it up and can
connect from localhost, but I cannot connect from another computer on
the network.  I have narrowed down the problem quite a bit, but can't
quite figure it out still.

I am getting MySQL Error Number 2003 "Can't connect to MySQL server on
'server'.  I know that the server is there because I can ping it.  I am
also running a webserver from that computer and I am able to access
that just fine.  I know that it is not a rights issue because if you
try to connect with a user that doesn't have rights, MySQL will respond
"Access denied for user: 'user@host' (Using password: YES)".

I checked on the host machine and check that the following are true:
- mysqld.exe is in the process list (in the task manager)
- MySQL is running on port 3306 (the one I'm trying to access it from)

Does anyone have any ideas why I am unable to connect to the MySQL

Re: Can't connect to mysql server wrote:
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It's a typical config for the MySQL installer to enable
"bind-address=" in the my.ini file.  So only clients connecting
from the same host can use MySQL.  Comment out that line to disable the

This is a dev box, so I assume it's safe from attacks from the internet.
  But in general, make sure that disabling the bind-address config
doesn't expose your MySQL instance to connection attempts from the
internet.  You'll be hacked within a few minutes.

Bill K.

Re: Can't connect to mysql server

there is not line containg  "bind-address=" in the my.ini file
i am using.  any other ideas?

Re: Can't connect to mysql server

Dustin wrote:
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The next thing I would check is that you have a firewall preventing you
from reaching port 3306 on the server host.  Even while it is allowing
connections on port 80 for your webserver on that machine, a firewall
can block other ports, such as MySQL's 3306.

Bill K.

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