Can someone help me with this problem please...

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The following code grabs the url of a file location on the net from a db
on my server for a file download.

// connection to grab url of the file
mysql_select_db($database_local, $local);
$query_dllink = sprintf("SELECT dllink FROM software WHERE swid =
$dllink = mysql_query($query_dllink, $local) or die(mysql_error());
$row_dllink = mysql_fetch_assoc($dllink);
$totalRows_dllink = mysql_num_rows($dllink);

So I've gone and grabbed the location.

I then stick this following bit in between the header sections on my
html page, note I am trying to kick of the download.

<? echo "<META HTTP-EQUIV=\"refresh\" CONTENT=\"6;
URL=http://\"$row_dllink\" \">"; ?>

This all work on paper but nothing happens. Basically I want to grab a
file location url from my db and then start to download that file to the
user.  I am not sure if I am doing this right at all so help would be

Any ideas?



Re: Can someone help me with this problem please...

At first glance (untested) it looks like you have too many
double-quotes...  And $row_dllink is an array, albiet a one-element
array, so you need an index into $row_dllink.  So your url should be

echo "...http://..."

You might also check out the php header() function.

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