Blowing my mind how to setup multiple mysql servers on one windows box..

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Having some major issues... Racking my brain.  Also it is worthy to
note as of 3 weeks ago i have 0 experience with MySQL.

So anyway.. HOW DO YOU DO IT??  hehe - I can get multiple services
installed and started, but everytime i try to make any edits to them
and stop/restart they wont restart.  here is my exact .ini file.


# options for mysql service 1
port = 3306
datadir= C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance1/Bin/data
innodb_data_home_dir= C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance1/Bin/data
innodb_log_group_home_dir=C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance1/Bin/data
innodb_log_arch_dir=C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance1/Bin/data

# options for mysql service 2
port = 3308
datadir= C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance2/Bin/data
innodb_data_home_dir=C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance2/Bin/data
innodb_log_group_home_dir=C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance2/Bin/data
innodb_log_arch_dir=C:/Program Files/MysqlInstance2/Bin/data

*This is the following command i type in to get the service installed.

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>"C:\program files\mysql\mysql server
qld-nt" --install testdb1(or2) --defaults-file="C:\my.ini"

One thing that bothers me is this.  When i open up the Instance
Manager, and look at both installed serviecs.  Under the Configuration
file it says "Section Name: mysqld".  I want it to use "testdb1".  It
uses mysqld for both services.  I can go into Startup variables and
change them but it doesnt seem to affect anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Re: Blowing my mind how to setup multiple mysql servers on one windows box..

I may have forgotten how I did this as I did it a few years ago, but I
believe you have to use different my.ini files, at least I believe it
is the way I did it back then wrote:
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