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What are the implications of setting the "--bdb-no-sync" flag when
using the BDB storage engine.  There isn't alot of documentation on
this.  I have searched google and docs.  If there is a resource that
someone can point to, it would be helpful.

Does this mean that after every transaction, sync will not be called?

When will sync be called then?

Will setting this flag lead to "ACI" semantics, ie no durability?  If
so, when will transactions become durable?

Will setting this flag increase the likelyhood of DB corruption?  As
happens in Postgresql with fsync off.

I know in BDB (non MySQL storage engine), setting "DB_TXN_NOSYNC" on a
BDB transaction leads to ACI semantics.  It is then up to the app to
call DB->sync when it wants durability.  How does this map to the
BDB/MSQL storage engine?

Thanks for any info,

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