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Am I correct in assuming to use MySQL you actually need a computer connected
to a server?

Re: Basic question

Pat wrote:
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Well, you do actually need a computer.  :-)
And you do need the MySQL product running as a service on a computer.

But no, you don't need MySQL to be running on a _different_ computer
than your PC.

For instance, you can run MySQL Query Browser on a Windows PC, and
connect to the MySQL service running on 'localhost'.

Of course you need to install and run that MySQL service on your PC
first.  That is, install the "MySQL Server" product from, and
that should set it up to run as a service on Windows 2000 or XP.

You are not alone in this confusion.  This is a non-obvious concept for
people who are brand new to client/server databases.  The client (e.g.
MySQL Query Browser) and the server (MySQL Server) can both run on the
same physical computer.

Bill K.

Re: Basic question

Thank you for your help and for the clear answer.
You mention installing the "MySQL Server" product onto Windows 2000 or XP,
does this mean WindowsME is not suitable (I use WinME)?


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Re: Basic question

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Say it works with 9x or Me as well as NT based systems.
NT, 2000, XP or 2003 is required to run it as a service.
Which is strongly recommended. I guess running the MySQL Server on
Win95, 98 or Me would put quite a heavy load on the CPU ...

I recommend Macs to my friends, and Windows machines
to those whom I don't mind billing by the hour

Re: Basic question

I have downloaded MySQL Server 4.1 and both the MySQL Command Line Client
and the MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard are on my Start menu.

To actually execute the program I am a bit puzzeled. All the files required
for the program seems to be installed ok. I am able to bring up the Setup
Wizard and MySQL must be somewhere because the Wizard will allow me to
Modify, Repair or Remove MySQL

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