Any and All MySQL questions here?

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I have a couple questions about MySQL involving which
version of MySQL to use.

I'm looking for minimal memory use on a Windows XP machine.
Which version would be best for this? And can anyone tell me
if there's any favored links to MySQL tutorials?

And one more question involves MySQL security issues. Any
one have a favored link for the security issues involved?

And one last question, anyone know how to PULL the MySQL
version via PHP? I'll probably discover this within the next hour
or so.

Thanks for your time.

Jim Carlock
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Re: Any and All MySQL questions here?

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The version of MySQL matters less than the kinds of server configuration you
apply, and queries you execute.  For instance, the MySQL server's key buffer
(a RAM cache that holds part or all of index structures) can be increased to
help performance (some people increase it to hundreds of MB), but if
performance is less important than minimizing memory use, then leave that
configuration low.

You should read this page to understand where the memory goes in the MySQL

There are also some guidelines for server configuration here:

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The MySQL docs have a pretty good tutorial:

You can also Google for "mysql tutorial" or "mysql php tutorial" and find
dozens.  I don't know if any one is favored over the others.  Depends on
what you need to learn.

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There's an example given in a user comment on this page:

  $result = @mysql_query("SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'version'",
  $row = mysql_fetch_row($result);
  $mysql_ver = $row[1];

Bill K.

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