[ANNOUNCE] Mogwai ER-Designer 0.9.7 and FormMaker 0.6 available

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The Mogwai Project is an Open Source project hosted on Sourceforge.net.
It's main goal is to develop and provide powerful software development
tools to make developers life easier and much more comfortable. At the
moment, there is a Java - Based Entity Relationship modelling tool for
MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL , a visual dialog designer which supports
JGoodies Formlayout and also JSF ( Java Server Faces ) / MyFaces, some
enhancements to the Apache FOP Processor and an IoC ( Inversion of
Control ) framework for Swing based applications.

The following new software - releases are now available for download :

MogwaiFormMaker 0.6
* Java based visual FormDesigner
* Supports JGoodies FormLayout
* Generates Swing classes
* Generates default implementations for event listeners
* Can generate Java Server Faces ( JSF ) pages from your form !!! ( Try
it,it works ! )
* Supports JSF Sun RI and also Apache MyFaces
* Supports development of web - applications
* Templated based code generation based on Apache Velocity
* Runs on Windows, Unix / Linux
* Easy to use
* Free !
* Sourcecode available

Mogwai ER-Designer 0.9.7
* Java based ER-Designer
* Supports MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
* Schema version management
* Reverse engineering of existing databases
* Code generators for Hibernate , EJBs and JPOX available
* Can generate documentation of databases as PDF files
* Stores database model as XML file
* Runs on Windows, Unix / Linux
* Supports Java1.4 and Java5
* Easy to use
* Free !
* Sourcecode available

Feel free to visit the project website at http://mogwai.sourceforge.net
for more details about these unique , powerful and easy to use tools !

Mirko Sertic
Project admin

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