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I'd like to introduce myself to the group. I am currently researching
the use of MySQL as a database backend for AutoCAD Map 3D. I will
hopefully be doing some work with geospatial data in MySQL.

I tried a post or two on the MySQL forums, but didn't get much of a
response. I'm hoping I'll do better on this group. :]

Is there a place to discuss the development of MySQL?

I will keep the group posted on my progress with MySQL, and will
release any code for the project under an open source license.

Scott Huey

Re: An introduction and a question... wrote:
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I saw your question in the forums, but the question seems very general,
so I didn't know how to reply.  Do you mean discussions of how the MySQL
product is developed?  Or how to use MySQL in your development project?
  What platform?  What programming language?  You need to be more specific.

Also, it seemed strange that you were asking where there are discussions
of developing using MySQL, since you had already found the MySQL forums.
  There are several forums for discussing the different features of the
product, or using different programming languages, etc.  See the forums
index page:

Bill K.

Re: An introduction and a question...


Thanks for the response. I should have been more specific. I know those
types of general questions can be irritating.

I was looking for the discussion on developing MySQL itself, not one of
the client libraries. I belive I found what I needed, which was the
MySQL internals mailing list.

Thanks again.

Bill Karwin wrote:
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