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I can link MS Access (front) with MySQL (back end). However, when I add a
new record, the previous added record is signed as Deleted record (view in
Access) even I can view this record in MySQL.
Please help to go over this...

Thank you

Re: Access and MySQl

I am new to mysql, but I figured this one out, please someone correct me if
this is a wrong answer. Here's what you do:
Even though you have an auto increment index in mysql, by incrementing it in
code will solve this. Look at this example.

Private Sub Form_Current()
Dim NEWID As Long, CID As Long
If Me.NewRecord Then
    Combo14.Enabled = False                        'innore this line, search
disabled here.
    CID = DMax("PETID", "PETS")               'get highest id
    NEWID = CID + 1                                  ' increase this id by 1
    petid = NEWID                                        ' insert the new id
in the id field.
    Combo14.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Even though this in an auto incrementing index field in mysql, this works.
I do not get the
#DELETED.  If on the other hand i manually enter a number, I get the
I guess some how it gets updated, and mysql allows for an overide and
doesn't auto increment.  Please reply and let me know about this, I am new
to mysql, but I have been programming access databases over 6 years, before
that dbase 3+.

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Re: Access and MySQl

On Tue, 5 Jul 2005 14:27:12 +1200, in mailing.database.mysql "shoa"

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Check your datatypes compatibility. MSAccess doesn't understand bigint
types and will show the delete message for the field value.
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