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I am new to MySQL. I want to create a script file which will include a
number of commands and execute it, just like we do in Oracle. Can any
one tell me how to do it?
Suppose I want to create a script called "temp" that will contain say 4
create statement. I want someone to show me how to create that file and
execute it. And how to capture the output in a separate file like we do
in Oracle. And what should be the extension of the souce file.


Re: About MySQL scripts

Karuna wrote:
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The MySQL software comes with a utility that serves as both an
interactive shell (analogous to Oracle's SQL*Plus) and a tool to run
scripts containing SQL commands.

Read this documentation page and its sub-pages:

Specifically, executing SQL script files is documented here:

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You can capture output just like any other command at the shell level,
with the ">" output redirection feature.

You can also use the "tee" command in your script to specify the output

You can also use the --tee='filename' option to the mysql command.
Options are documented here:

Create the file with a text editor.  Alternately, create the file by
capturing the output of MySQL's "mysqldump" command-line tool, which
serves as a database backup utility.  The output of mysqldump is a SQL
script that contains the CREATE and INSERT commands necessary to
recreate a database.  You can run this script with the 'mysql' utility
as described above.

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The extension is not important.  My habit is to use ".sql", but the
mysql client utility doesn't require any specific extension on the file.

Bill K.

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