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I was told I had to upgrade to Comcast DTA box to continue receiving
TV.  I get my TV through Dell XPS with Windows Mediacenter Edition
Version 2002.   (XP SP3).
I've been using this setup for years with no trouble.
With DTA activated I can't use MCE remote or keyboard to change
channels, can't set up to record programs, can't select programs from
If you know without reading further that I will never get this
working, I'd like to know so I can quit messing with it and cancel
comcast TV since it is now useless to me.

I have followed instructions at


and tried everything at

One poster at last thread ended up saying:
"I solved this problem by spending money. I did everything possible to
get my MCE 2005 and XP to work and it AINT happening. MCE 2005 WILL
NOT WORK with the new signal in a way that the GUIDE changes the
channel."  His solution was to buy new computer with Windows 7.

Not a viable option just to watch TV for me.

Process so far:  

I have the comcast DTA plugged into TV card per instructions, with
cable in from wall into DTA and then out to computer TV card.
I do not have an extender plugged into the DTA.
I plugged an IR blaster cable into port 1 in back of MCE remote IR
receiver, with red light at end pasted on the middle front face of the
Comcast DTA over the IR "eye" on the front window.  (Checked with
flashlight to make sure I found it.)

1. Open WMC
2. Selected settings, then TV settings, then TV settings, then Set Up
Your TV Signal
3. Chose "I will manually configure my TV signal"  (tried auto also
with same end result.  Incidentally, "auto" always says that I have 2
DTA boxes, which isn't correct, which is why I went manual.)
4. Chose cable, set top box, configure 2 tuners:  was able to see a
working signal on Channel 3.
5. IR port 1 resulted in HW not detected error, so I switched to IR
port 2 also not detected.  
6. Plugged in both IR blasters into ports 1 and 2 of MCE IR remote
receiver,  pasting them side by side over the "eye" of the comcast box
and was finally able to get recognition  that I had an IR device.
7.  Chose to "reconfigure all set-top box settings
    Identified settop box by changing channel with COmcast remote -
8.  When I got to the test for the MCE remote, I could not change
channels or test speed, so I went back and...
9.  Said "no" I didn't have a remote for the set-top box.  Entered
Motorola Set top box, tried all 8 codes and none would work so I chose
2 digits as highest tv channel I could receive even though not true.
10. After testing 3 codes found one that would allow me to enter the
number, press OK and change channels with the MCE remote talking to
the MCE IR receiver.

    Finally, I thought I had finally licked the problem!  But you
can't get out of the wizard at this point:  you now have to prepare
for set-top box setup

11. Selected working signal through channel 3
Next I am asked if I want to
Modify settings for changing channels or
Reconfigure all set top box settings.

I don't want to do either since I THINK that MCE is working at this
point, but can't cancel out without losing settings so I
choose first option, knowing what will happen

12. Selected 2 digits for highest number of channel again
13.  select how I change channels again
14. Test channel settings and once again, the MCE remote won't be
recognized and I can't change channels.  And NOW I can't even
continue in the wizard, getting repeated prompts that I need to enter
a channel number even after I have.  
15.  So I have cancelled again and given up

I can't even record live TV since If I use the comcast remote to watch
channel 60 and click record on the MCE remote or keyboard for record,
it starts recording whatever it remembers as the last station it was
able to see.

I've tried manual, I've tried auto, I went through process of
"teaching" the DTA remote by entering all number into the MCE sensor
twice.  End results is always failure.  

I can't imagine that there is anything else to try but if there is,
let me know before I cancel the service.  Thanks.  

Re: Will comcast new DTA box work with Windows Media Center computer? Have tried every recommended path and noting works.

Answering my own question for now:
1. I experimented with both IR blaster cables and found that only one
would work.
2.  Even though my tuner card supports 2 tuners, I selected only 1

Results:  finally working.  I still don't understand why setup
interpreted 2 tuners as 2 set top boxes.  

Sorry if anyone wasted too much time reading my post above.

Re: Will comcast new DTA box work with Windows Media Center computer? Have tried every recommended path and noting works.

TomAZ wrote:
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How would you want it (or expect it) to interpret it?

Reginald Blue
"I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my
telephone.  My wish has come true.  I no longer know how to use my
 - Bjarne Stroustrup (originator of C++) [quoted at the 2003
International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces]

tom i need your help

can you please explain what you did to get it working? i am a comcast customer
with a hd box and a dta box running into mc on win 7.

burning questions:
-which remote did you have to learn (cable box or dta)?
-which channels do you get?


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