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Hi !

I have Windows Vista Ultimate, and I am trying to setup the Media Center TV...
I receive TV under two TV systems:
 - Antenna Analog PAL
 - Antenna DVB-T

I have two different hardware:
 - Hauppauge PVR-USB2
 - Hauppauge NOVA-T 500

I receive correctly Analog PAL (PVR-USB2)  OR DVB-T (NOVA-T-500),
but I don't understand how I could configure Media Center to receive both

Any suggestion ?

Re: Vista Media Center TV

You can't.
You have to pick between PAL or DVB-T

Media Centre can only work with one signal input at a time, with the
exception of the NTSC+ATSC combo.

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Re: Vista Media Center TV

It's unbelieveable !
and I am going to add a double satellite tuner...

Is there a way to synchronize Media Center with TVTV ( for instance) ?
to make it synchronize program guide and recordings...
So you just go to TVTV web site and manage recordings.
Or maybe another program guide provider ?

please say that, at least, this is possible ;)

"Jason Tsang" wrote:

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Re: Vista Media Center TV

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 14:34:01 -0700, Nicooone

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No. Media Center does not allow you to mix different TV sources. You can use
Media Center with one
TV tuner & other TV software for the other tuner. Media Portal is supposed to
handle multiple TV
sources & maybe some of the commercial rivals to media Center can too e.g.
BeyondTV & SageTV


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